Airbag Jackets and Vests

“After my first accident, doctors were astonished by my lack of injuries after such serious accidents, and I became evangelical about the products and therefore decided to become a distributor.   If you weigh the cost of an MRI or other medical treatments versus the cost of our vests or jackets, it’s the best insurance you can buy.”
-    Alan Cunningham, SaferMoto

Airbags are not just for cars anymore.

That’s why here at SaferMoto, we provide an array of lightweight protective vests and jackets equipped with airbags that have helped many riders walk away from crashes which could’ve proved devastating.

Produced by Hit-Air, a Japanese company, SaferMoto’s line of airbag-equipped vests and jackets use an internal deployment system that connects to a motorcycle by tether, and deploys within .25 seconds if ejected from the bike, often before a rider’s brain even registers they’ve been thrown off.

It takes at least 66 pounds of pressure to trigger the airbag mechanism, pressure caused only by a forceful movement by the rider so that unnecessary deployment is avoided if they merely forget to disconnect the tether from the bike when dismounting.

Our products are used across the globe, from the Tokyo police force, to motorcycle-enthusiasts and authorities across Europe, to both amateur and professional track and off-road racers in the United States.

SaferMoto’s vests and jackets range in price from $339 to $493, with replacement CO2 cartridges available at minimal cost should they deploy, and the equipment is easily reset for continued riding within minutes.

A wide array of styles are available to suit your taste, and the vests and jackets can be customized to your liking, as well.

We also offers discounts to groups, clubs, and members of the military, law enforcement and public service communities.

So join the legion of SaferMoto riders, and contact us with your questions today!

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