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DUE TO CREDIT CARD FRAUD ATTEMPTS WE WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO SHIP TO ANY ADDRESS THAT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE CREDIT CARD BILLING ADDRESS SaferMoto is an authorized Hit-Air dealer located in Reno Nevada. SaferMoto and our equestrian sister site SaferRider.com were founded on the principal that you should do all you can to stay as safe as possible while riding motorcycles (or horses). We love motorcycles, but we also love our families and want to come home safe to them after each ride.

We feel that the Hit-Air line of airbag-equipped jackets and vests offer protection that conventional gear and armor can not. They are well-designed, handsome, and beautifully made. Hit-Air jackets are made in Japan using the highest quality materials and incorporate CE-approved back, elbow and shoulder armor. Hit-Air jackets and vests are used in more than 30 countries around the world and are used by the Tokyo police force. SaferMoto is very pleased to be able to offer them directly to you.

We work directly with groups, clubs and individuals.
Our prices are very competitive and our customer service is unbeatable.

To arrange for us to visit your club or event, please email us by clicking the link above or call us at (877) 250-6686 (moto)

We are huge fans of motorcycle racing and will do as much as we can to support racing and keep the racers safer. If you are a racer please feel free to contact us.
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