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Price: $489.00
Product ID : MLV-YC
Weight: 3.00 lbs



Back by popular demand Only two sizes Medium (adjusts from M to XL) Large (Adjusts from XL to 3XL)

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Reviewed by pepeps
pepeps bought "MLV-YC" on our website
10/20/2013 - 10:42:47 AM

MLV-YC Easy to use and inflated properly in my low-side

I have been wearing this vest through the summer. It is easy to use, especially as I leave it threaded through the sleeves of my jacket, so I am only putting on/taking off one thing.
Today I had a low-side fall when my rear wheel spun out. I landed on my side and scraped some motorcycle and some armor. My vest inflated and I did not notice it until I had been back on my feet a minute or so. I was uninjured.
This was a low energy crash where most likely I would not have been seriously hurt, but the air vest inflated and did its job. I hope I never really put it to the test.
The degree of exposure to risk on a motorcycle is such that I plan to continue wearing it happily.
Have fun and stay safe.
Reviewed by jttele@charter.net
12/08/2012 - 01:16:26 PM

Great product!

I have not had to test this vest out yet thankfully, but it fits great and it is easy to hook up. It's really as easy if not easier than clicking a seat belt. I've accidentally got off the bike and forgot to detatch it the first time or two, and it gave a strong tug but didn't deploy. I've now got the habit to un-click before getting off. Overall exactly as described and well worth the investment!

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