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Race Vest replacement panel front

Race Vest replacement panel front
Price: $15.00
Product ID : RSPF
Manufacturer: Mugen Denko
Weight: 1.00 lbs
Shipping Price: $2.00



This panel can be used to attache sponsors patches or embroidered without any threat of puncturing the airbag. Easily removed without effecting the performance of the vest at all

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    In 2010, Hit-Air introduced the new Hi-Speed keybox for the B-type keybox. The new system inflates the airbag twice as fast as the older system. If your keybox is solid black, it is the older system. The new keybox is gray in color. Older jackets and vests can be easily retrofitted with the new system, though doing so does void the warranty for that portion of the jacket (unless you send your jacket/vest to us and have us do it). We suggest buying a spare Co2 cartridge and testing the system after the upgrade.

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